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Hello, old friend. It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

As it happens, I started a new writing endeavour and committed to the idea of a regular schedule, just for my life to get flipped upside down.

Since I last posted something that wasn’t from the archives, I moved across the province and started not one, but two different jobs. Everything has been crazy, but I’m not complaining one bit. It’s been the best kind of crazy. My life has been insane this year, and I welcome any regularity something like a side-blog can provide.

So here I am, in front of you, hoping you forgive me for the worst of internet sins: leaving you hanging waiting for more content. Not leaving a note or anything.

It’s now fall, but to make up for my lack of presence, I will share with you my summer of incredible food.

Vegan bahn mi sandwich from Whole Foods. Bruh. BRUH. I haven’t had a sandwich that made me so at peace with my inner turmoil as this sandwich. And it’s so simple! Pickled vegetables, cilantro, and Field Roast slices? Impeccable.

Get on my level. #latergram

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Veggie pizza and Passion Fruit Ale from Billy Miner Alehouse in Maple Ridge, BC. True story: I had leftovers from this pizza and I was so hungry the next day that I woke up at 6 a.m., went downstairs, and brought it back to bed with me.

My Friday is starting off very nicely, thanks. #eatyogreens

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Tofu scramble with a cup of joe. I was pretty lucky this summer, I had Friday mornings off exclusively. More mornings away from work means I can cook these meals and relax. And isn’t that all we want in life?


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Turkey sandwich on Cranberry Sourdough at Gratia Bakery & Cafe. Gratia is known mostly for their fresh-baked bread and cakes, but their sandwiches could easily steal the show. I don’t need to go into another tangent about how much I love veggie sandwiches, but trust me when I say theirs is the bomb.

Fried oyster po boy from Kaboom Box. The Kaboom Box is a food truck that serves lots of seafood meals, such as salmon burgers and fried oysters. They’re usually downtown, but sometimes come to festivals.

Fish tacos from Tacofino. This, right here, is how you do a first date.

Starting the day right! Breakfast with @thegdtravman 🍽

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Tofu scramble from The Red Wagon. Guy Fieri certified (the restaurant at least, not the dish.) As far as I know, Guy Fieri has never touched a vegan dish before.

I died and went to nacho heaven last night. #latergram

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BBQ Pulled Pork nachos from 10 Acres in Victoria. Arguably, one of the best parts of dating is having someone to help you finish food.

Appies at @doyousaiwoo last night were sooooo tasty 🙈

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Apps without zerts at Sai Woo, a relatively new joint in Chinatown.

Bruschetta from Red Beard Cafe in Kamloops. I’ve already gushed about this place, and I hadn’t been there in well over a year. It brought back some great memories to go again!

Share with me some of your favourites foods over the last few months?


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