Alternative title: a wild ride in extravagant filters and editing apps

If you eat something, and you didn’t instagram it, did you really eat it? Did I just find a dieting loophole?

Doubt it. But it stands to reason, this is how we eat now, and I fully embrace it.

I wanted to take some time today to show my appreciation for instagram, and what better way to do that then go on a journey through all the food I have documented throughout the years with it? How else would I have known I had a Caesar loaded with snacks almost two years ago now? That’s an important memory I want to cherish.

So, looking back, from newest to oldest, here are my top five food picks from my instagram.


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This burrito bowl from Chipotle, March 2016.

I could have been fancier, but I hadn’t been to Chipotle in more than six months at this point, so I opted for my usual, to not disappoint. The chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, mild and hot salsa, lettuce, and black beans will not disappoint. I would have gotten a burrito, but I knew I’d be eating this for breakfast, and needed something leftover friendly.

Thai 4 days

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This feast of Thai food, August 2015.

If you haven’t been to Ban Chok Dee in Langley, you gotta. It’s great. I went there for the first time last year on Valentine’s Day, and I was certainly treated with some of the best lettuce wraps.

Falafel is bae

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Falafel salad, May 2015.

2015: The year of good eats. 2016 will be an even greater year of eats, but I a. haven’t documented them yet, and b. haven’t gotten through the entire year either. I love falafels, they are so tasty, and pretty good for you if you’re not loading them up with fat. I’m pretty sure these ones are vegan and gluten-free, or at least easy to make gluten-free.

Good morning! Or afternoon. Whatever.

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Breakfast at Brioche, August 2014.

Oh, Brioche. How I miss it. Brioche is a cafe in Gastown that makes delicious breakfast, along with pasta, desserts, and daily specials. Their food is delightful homecooking, and a lot more than you’d expect as it’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall place you wouldn’t know about otherwise.


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An individual sized pizza from Boston Pizza, December 2011.

According to my instagram feed, this was the first thing I posted. Waaaaay back, in the end of 2011. Pretty sure I had just gotten my first iPhone, and needed to take high quality photos with it. I believe this was a fajita-style pizza, with peppers, and loads of guac and sour cream. Super healthy.


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