Keep rolling, rolling, rolling

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling

Take it straight from the veracious meat-eater himself: “This might as well be eggs and sausage, it tastes just like it.”


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Gobble, gobble, no gobble

Gobble, gobble, no gobble

This year, I had my first Thanksgiving without turkey.

Actually, it was a big thanksgiving of ‘firsts.’ First Thanksgiving away from my immediate family, first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend, and first Thanksgiving that I was going to be preparing for other people.

I’ve decided to give Pescatarianism another whirl, but opted to make the challenge even harder by preparing an all-vegan thanksgiving for myself this year. Yippee!

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*wave emoji*

Hello, old friend. It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

As it happens, I started a new writing endeavour and committed to the idea of a regular schedule, just for my life to get flipped upside down.

Since I last posted something that wasn’t from the archives, I moved across the province and started not one, but two different jobs. Everything has been crazy, but I’m not complaining one bit. It’s been the best kind of crazy. My life has been insane this year, and I welcome any regularity something like a side-blog can provide.

So here I am, in front of you, hoping you forgive me for the worst of internet sins: leaving you hanging waiting for more content. Not leaving a note or anything.

It’s now fall, but to make up for my lack of presence, I will share with you my summer of incredible food.

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#TBT: Where them veggie sandwiches at?

#TBT: Where them veggie sandwiches at?

When’s the last time you had a really good veggie sandwich?

I used to work in a cafe that had daily lunch specials, and one was a veggie croissant. Essentially, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and green peppers on a croissant with mayo and mustard. You know how they always say “less is more?” That was the philosophy working here. Something about it worked wonderfully, and it was always a hit.

A wise woman (well, more like one of my best friends) once said, “Veggie burgers and sandwiches are usually better because they have to make up for the lack of meat with flavour.” And she’s so right.

Of course, a veggie sandwich can become less healthy than a BLT real quick if you’re not careful. But generally speaking, making a sandwich up of just veggies is such an easy way to get more fresh vegetables into your diet, and feel satisfied without the greasy, heavy feeling of a burger.

Figure one, this sandwich.

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

Look at this beauty. Red Beard Coffee delivers. It’s just red pepper, avocado, basil, arugula, balsamic dressing and chipotle mayo on rye. And let me tell you, the combination of flavour would have just been muddled by deli meat. This is perfect as is.

If you need more convincing, look at this one.

fyi: I started the hashtag #beautifulsandwichesinbeautifulplaces because of this photo. Please join in on the conversation so I can see all the other beautiful sandwiches out there.

Avocado, mozzarella cheese, tomato, spinach, and hummus on a ciabatta bun. If you’ve never had a sandwich from Terra, you’re missing out big time.

Let’s all embrace the meat-free sandwiches in our lives, they do so much for us!

#TBT: Here are some healthy salads even your boyfriend will eat

#TBT: Here are some healthy salads even your boyfriend will eat

Let me just say that getting on board with salad is a universal struggle. It is hard and we all have to do it to live happy, healthy lives.

Not too many people grow up loving it unless they’ve been fed proper delicious salads all their lives. But, unfortunately, most people envision iceberg lettuce smothered in ranch dressing with a tomato on top when they think of a salad, and that’s off putting to everyone, even healthy people.

So with that in mind, sometimes I don’t blame long-suffering partners of fit people for having a hard time wanting to eat salad with their SO to help support their diet changes.

Just looking at the boyfriends of the world for a bit, I think a lot of dudes feel like a meal can’t satisfy them without bread and/or meat. Sure, a pile of iceberg lettuce with some ranch for dipping isn’t going to cut it. But there are lots of salads that will. Here is a personally compiled list of salads that any man I know would probably opt to eat, due to crazy deliciousness.

I want to add a disclaimer before I continue, however. I’m not trying to push any idea that men always have a huge appetite, and women always live off of scraps of leaves and twigs. But I would argue that men and women are socialized to enjoy food differently, and what you learn that way is hard to break out of. If anything, I would like to point out that you can identify as a man and eat a meal without starch! You can eat a meal without meat! It’s possible.

Anyway. Let’s look through this list.

Gateway boy-friendly salad – Chicken Burrito Bowl

This isn’t a salad so much as it is a burrito without the tortilla. But burrito bowls are one of those things that can be as healthy as you want, or as fattening as you want, and its a good start if you want to start serving healthy food he’ll eat.

Doritos Taco Salad

Now following on the heels of the chicken burrito bowl.. is this the most healthy salad? I assume not. It has Doritos in it. But try to get bae to say he hates salads after finishing this. Impossible. It’s a walking taco, but you’re not walking, you’re sitting down eating it. Everyone has always dreamed of a sitting walking taco. Amazing.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Really flavourful, with jalapeños, chicken, and even rice noodles to get your starch fixing. Not only that, but it’d make good leftovers to eat during a midnight snack run. Is it you doing the late-night snacking, or him? Only time will tell.

BLT Bowl

Essentially, this is a BLT without the bread – subbed in with avocado … and cheese. Really, when you think about it, a good salad is just a sandwich without the bread. And that’s a good enough reason to eat one.

Ribeye Steak Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

You can’t make a man-friendly salad list without including a steak salad. Honestly, that salad looks monstrous and intimidating. I like it.

Potato Salad with Green Beans and Asparagus

An upscale salad that doesn’t rely on greens at the base, but also doesn’t sacrifice being sophisticated as well. Plus, it’s a great make-ahead dish that you can just eat whenever you feel hungry and need something at an arm’s length.

Antipasto Salad

This one is like a charcuterie board over a bed of romaine lettuce. And honestly, it looks so simple and delicious. You could probably pick at it with your fingers if you disregarded cutlery altogether.

BBQ Chicken Salad

This is like the MVP of guy-friendly salads you can make. Full of flavour, and lots of different things going on that aren’t just greens. It’s likely one of your safest bets for trying to get a guy to eat more greens. Plus, you could put it in a wrap if you need to meet halfway and modify it a bit with some starch.

Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday!

Really, what are tacos if you’re not going to celebrate by eating them on Tuesday? Unconstitutional.

Tacos are kind of a staple in my diet. I almost always have tortillas in my pantry, just waiting. These ones I have here today are black bean tacos. I opted for black bean tacos because I had a lot of them to use up. I got impatient with a big bag of bulk beans I bought, and cooked them all at once. But that’s another can of worms.

But a taco with beef, or pork? Or chicken? But why? I’ll tell you why.

My go-to is typically chicken or fish if I’m having one with meat, but I almost prefer the simplicity of a taco with tofu (Sofritas, maybe?) or black beans. They don’t feel heavy or greasy that way, either.

When they’re lighter, you can eat more of them. See, vegans are on to something. And that’s what these tacos are, is vegan.

How do you prepare these? Well. For a serving of three tacos, you’re going to need at your disposal:

  • one can of drained black beans
  • three tablespoons of pico de gallo
  • three tablespoons of guacamole (homemade, or store bought. I’m not picky.)
  • three soft corn tortillas
  • 1/4 cup of chipotle sauce
  • a few sprigs of cilantro

ingredients you can totally use that aren’t pictured: red onion, banana peppers, iceberg lettuce, kale, tomato chunks, avocado chunks, hot sauce???? why not???

First, warm up the tortillas. If you have an oven to use, cool. Put them in there at 350 degrees for a few minutes. If not, just microwave each one for about 15 seconds.

Next, warm up the black beans, because no one like cold, nasty slimy beans on their tacos. No offense if you do. Drain your can of black beans and use about 1/2 cup for the filling. This is really up to you, stuff the tacos with as little or as much filling as you deem necessary. As you can see, mine are kind of light on the beans.

Combine the allocated beans with chipotle sauce. How do you make chipotle sauce? Buy a can of smoked chipotle peppers in sauce, put in a blender, add 1/3 cup of water to start, and blend until smooth. This makes the sauce go further, and also less atomic. Really, that stuff will burn if it gets in your eye.

(Of course, feel free to omit the chipotle sauce and use salsa or something more mild if you can’t handle spice. You’re not a failure if you can’t.)

Microwave the beans, or cook on the stove top if you’re ‘fancy.’ Once they’re hot, yay, congrats, you’re done!

Assemble the tacos. First, smother the tortilla with guacamole. Then add the beans, pico de gallo, and cilanto.

Oh baby.

Bam! You are done! Enjoy.



I was supposed to write a blog post yesterday.

I can hardly imagine I have an sizeable amount of people following me to even have noticed, but I failed. I didn’t get a blog post up. I’m a sham, a fraud.

To make up for it today, I’ll give you a glimpse of my food diary while I was away.

So I went to Edmonton for the weekend with my parents. I know, it’s not the first place people immediately think of an an exhilarating weekend getaway. But I like Edmonton, and it’s a six-hour drive for me to get there. I thoroughly enjoy being in cities, and like being surrounded by interesting stuff. The hustle and bustle doesn’t affect me at all.

I can’t tell you it was much beyond visiting West Edmonton Mall goes, as far as experiencing the culture of the city and dining at a restaurant unique to Edmonton goes. But I had a great time getting out of my town.


I ate too much of this spicy salmon roll before I remembered that I should document it. This came from Oranj Sushi Bar, a fairly decent sushi place, considering its in landlocked Alberta.

It’s always a fun surprise to see how spicy the sushi roll is going to be, because it varies from place to place. Will it be slightly hot? Will it sear my tongue off? Who knows?

Also: Does anyone else feel like they’ve wasted a lot of someone’s money by not eating the wasabi that comes with sushi? I do love pickled ginger, though.

FullSizeRender (19)

Seared Ginger Tuna Salad. Is it obviously that I’m a fan of raw fish? I guess so. Mostly when other people prepare it, I’m scared of making myself sick if I do it. I was really caught between this or a pizza, and ultimately chose this because you have no idea the kind of weekend eats I was taking part in.

Finally. This beautiful creation.

CgNjYMyUYAEhfqu (1)

This is what I was dreaming of since I knew I was coming to the city. I haven’t had a Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt since before I finished school last May. Oh man, this hit the spot. I am such a sucker for the type of frozen yogurt, it’s simple, creamy, and not too heavy or sweet to eat. Perfect.

Not pictured from the weekend: a donair poutine, four shared plates of calamari, oatmeal and hashbrowns from McDonald’s, breakfast at Cora’s, popcorn twists, chocolate, beef jerky, vitamin water, a hot dog from a gas station, hummus and pretzels, seafood spaghettini, multiple Starbucks drinks, and a spinach and feta wrap. ie. the quintessential road trip diet.